Fiona Donald

Winelover and winemaker Fiona Donald has over 30 years in the industry. When completing her Bachelor in Applied Science in Oenology and Graduate Diploma in Management, a high achieving graduate, Fiona uncovered her passion and desire to grow quality grapes early during her vineyard learnings.

Together with husband Matthew Pick, Fiona co-founded Wordplay Wines, and it’s the hands-on experience she values most.

Matthew Pick

With more than 25 years in the industry, Matt’s history and depth of experience are as rich as some of the drops he has produced.

Two maxims drive Matt Pick’s dedication and commitment to wine growing. The first, “Observation in the field is an agriculturist’s greatest asset”, was a lesson learned during his final year Agronomy Lecturer, Ted Carter.

The second, “A winegrower’s shadow is the vineyard’s most productive input,” which is wisdom spoken by Paul Georgiadis, their viticultural consultant.